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The Ultimate BPAL Post of All Time

OK, I got real sick of trying to keep track of my BPAL on an absurdly huge spreadsheet. So here we go. The Ultimate BPAL post that I will keep somewhat up to date. Reviews of bottles in my current inventory, and other things I find at least marginally important to keep track of. You can always follow my BPAL tag for more reviews, coveting, etc.


ISO bottles:

LE: Carnation SN, The Expiration, Fox Sisters, Katarina Van Tassel, Peacock Queen, Sonnet D'Automne,

GC: Dragon's Claw, Fae, Juke Joint, Haunted,Ladon, O, Queen Alice, Gobo

GC to try: Bastet, The Dodo, Dragon's Reverie, Jazz Funeral, Machu Picchu, Paramatman, Persephone, Scherezade, Strangler Fig, Tezcatlipoca, Two Five and Seven, Vixen
LE/DIS: Any Carnavale Diabolique: Snake Pit, Pink Snowballs, Antique Lace, Two Monsters
Notes I like: amber, apple, carnation, geranium, vanilla, dragon's blood, incense, rose, spicy, boozy, fruity, tropical


Want something?  I'm happy to send you something to try!

Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo -about 2/3 full
Blacker than the Raven Wings of the Midnight - full
Pumpkin Princess - about 1/3 full
Snake Charmer - just below label
Sportive Sun – just between label and shoulder
10 ml Alice - about 1/2 full
LE Decants:
Berry Moon 2011
Donna Con Ventaglio
Dorian v.3
Huesos De Santos (1/2 full)
Independent (2008 Forum Only)
Needle in a Haystack
Rosy Maple Moth
Smut 2008
Strawberry Moon 2009
Atomic Lounge & Tiki Bar: (all about 1/2 full)
Boo Bam
Boo Bam
Golden Wave x2
Rangoon Riptide
Screeching Parrot
Te Po
Upa Upa
Fresh-ish Imps:
All Night Long
Anne Bonny
Deadly Nightshade Honey
The Deep Ones
Fire of Love
King of Hearts
Love in Idleness
Miskatonic University
Sacred Whore of Babylon
Santa Eularia Des Riu
Schrodinger's Cat
Stimulating Sassafrass Strengthener
The Witch's Garden
Whoso List to Hunt
Discontinued Imps:
Queen Mab
Older Well-Loved Imps:
Blood Amber
Bon Vivant
Deep in Earth
Dragon's Heart
Hollywood Babylon
Juke Joint
Queen Alice
Twenty One
Water of Notre Dame

BPTP Goblin Squirts
Alchemical Laboratory
Mahogany Hall
The Queen's Croquet Grounds

Solstice Scents: (samples)
Cardamom Rose Sugar
Dragon's Blood x2
Lace-Draped Spectre
Russian Caravan
Scrying Smoke
Spellbound Woods

Current Inventory

Alice -  Carnations, roses, and light perfume.  Light, flowery, and girlie.
Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo - Happy, fruity and sweet.  I think it smells like licorice, hubs thinks it smells like baby powder.
Beaver Moon (2011) - When I bought this the lavender was really sharp and cologney, but it has since mellowed out. It's creamier and soft.  Use it on my pillows for nice sleepytime.
Blue Fire - Smells like a blue cocktail!  Fun for summer.
Bon Vivant - Fizzy strawberry champagne
Devil's Trumpet - This is hard to describe.  It's a white flower edged with green.  More sharp and fresh than pretty.
Diwali - This is so amazing and also really hard to nail down.  The mango is definitely the strongest note while it's wet.  It settles down into a fruity insence.  The sandalwood sticks around and it maintains a nice creamy sweetness but is not overpowering at all.  I'm also very pleased because this is the only blend I've tried that has coconut in it that doesn't go to plastic.  YUM.
Dragon's Tears - First, I tried to identify exactly what Dragon's Blood is. I think it is true cherry with a twist of spice. In the bottle this was the strongest. As it dried, the saltiness sprang to life. Maybe just a trace of plumeria in there? This is going to sound very odd - but it's like having a cherry-cinnamon sno-cone on the beach in August. Surprisingly warm for an aquatic.
Et Lux Fuit - It's a golden warmed-to-the-bone by sunshine scent. Very similar to O. Gently sweet and predominately amber/honey/musk with occasional peeks of golden florals, and tang of lemon peel.
L'Essence de la Passion - I love carnation and I love how this is balanced with amber so it's really warm and soft.  A new favorite.
Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller - Amazing! Pomegranate and Patchouli over a strong vanilla incense.  Love it.
Oneiroi - I can't gaurantee it's advertised sleeping properties but it smells awesome. A very biting lavender, and some other toothy herbals. Love it. I put it on my pillows and sheets.
Pele - Light, white, tropical florals traveling on a breeze.  This is exactly how I remember Hawaii smelling.  So nice for summer.
Rakshasa - Soft and insencey, a perfect balance of rose and sandalwood.  This is the smell that made me realize I actually like roses!
Samhain - Absolutely lovely! Pure fall & spicy.  SUUUPER strong though.  Will probably last me forever.
Snake Charmer (resurrected) - 4 - This is reminiscent of both Snake Oil and Mme. Moriarty, but has a lighter, fruitier touch.  Plums maybe?
Snake Oil - This is probably the best thing I've ever smelled. Sweet & exotic, very warm and slightly smoky over rich vanilla. Long-lasting.  My all time favorite always.
Sportive Sun - One of the few almond scents that doesn't go explosively marzipan on me.  Warm and sunny, but I prefer Et Lux Fuit or Diwali over this one.
Snow Bunny - Pine, snow, and floral perfume.  I like this for summer as well as winter.  Light and chilly.
Tiki Princess - Fresh and cool Pina Colada!

Used up:
Monster Bait: Closet - 4 - It *does* smell just like Red Velvet Cake! With a tangy drizzle of berry sauce. Delish!

5 Star Sniffs

GC: Alice, The Dormouse, Dragon's Tears, Hamptons, Mme. Moriarty Misfortune Teller, Oneiroi, Snake Oil, Bon Vivant, Fae, Jolly Roger, Juke Joint, Ladon, Pele, The Pool of Tears, Port Royal, Tamora, Velvet, Two Monsters, O , Queen Alice, Rakshasa
LE/DIS: Diwali, The Perfumed Garden, Samhain, Snow Bunny

Almost As Excellent Sniffs

GC: Agape, Akuma, Amsterdam, And There Was a Great Cry In Egypt, The Apothecary, Baobhan Sith, Caliban, Carceri D'invenzione, Dorian, Dirty, Dragon's Eye, Dragon's Milk, Eat Me, Eclipse, Embalming Fluid, Empyreal Mist, Fae, Grand Guignol, The Hanging Gardens, Himerus, Hollywood Babylon, Jack, The Jersey Devil, La Belle Au Bois Dormant, Lolita, Mania, March Hare, The Mock Turtle's Lessons, Morocco, Orpheus, Pannychis, Phantasm, Phantom Queen, The Poisoned Apple, Shattered, Siren, Scherezade, Shub-Niggurath, Swank, Tempest, Tenochtitlan, Twilight, War, White Rabbit, Xiuhtecuhtli
LE/DIS: Et Lux Fuit, F5, Hungry Ghost Moon, Pink Moon 2007, Pink Phoenix